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Indira Gandhi Philosophy

Joan of Arc gave up her life for her country.
Her sacrifice inspired a little girl called Indu.
She would make a little army with her friends
and pretend to fight for India’s freedom, just like Joan.

She grew up to be Indira Gandhi,
guided by an indomitable feeling of love.
It was the love for her country.
And it was this love that instilled in her the courage,
that no adversity could ever subdue.

In the words of Mrs. Gandhi,
"Without courage you cannot practise any other virtue.
You have to have courage of different kinds.
You must have intellectual courage to sort out different values .
You have to have moral courage to stick to what you think is right.
You must also have physical courage because what you think is right,
is sometimes full of hardships.’’

Indira Gandhi is Courage. And Courage is her.
‘I AM COURAGE’  is a campaign that celebrates Indira.